How to Generate Sales Referrals

Generating sales referrals and repeat business is necessary to expand your business and ensure the success of sales professionals. At times, the importance of sales referrals is often overlooked or not emphasized enough. This can be the difference between top producers and over performers versus under performers and those who comes close to attaining their goals.

It is important to acknowledge and recognize your clients regularly especially those that gives you the most business. These clients can be referred to as your ‘gold clients’ and should be given attention and treated with care (all clients are important).

If customers are satisfied with your products and services then they will tell you. They will also tell others they know since people have a natural tendency and impulse t spread good experiences. Also, by asking or referrals these clients will be more than happy to provide you with referrals because they would feel comfortable doing it.

Many sales professionals are simply afraid to ask for sales referrals for whatever reason they could justify. To overcome this fear think of the referral process as having no less importance than asking for the order.

If you are not in direct sales then you may consider using customer surveys to find out what did correctly to satisfy the customer and repeat such performance in future prospecting. You should strive to equal or surpass the level of service which will result in more referrals. When asking for referrals you should have a sense o balance and use your discretion.

Finally, it is recommended that you show appreciation for referrals given to you by existing customers. Let your referral know who referred them to you and get as much information from your customer about the person being referred before actually speaking with them.

This networking will make new referrals less likely to bail out and they might stay with you for a long period of time. In addition you may send a handwritten thank you note to the customer that gave the referral.

By utilizing these techniques you will be able to generate a lot more sales referrals.

Now get out there today and get some referrals!!!

Frank Cardia