Frank Cardia on Top Producers


  1. ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION – Maintain goal driven attitudes and behaviors that motivate performance at the highest obtainable level.
  2. SELF-COMPETITIVE – Keep ongoing accounts of performance levels, based on previous performance, with the single objective of constantly improving. Focus on the behaviors that generate the numbers, not the numbers themselves.
  3. OPTIMISM – Achievers focus on their strengths to make things happen, which translates into a “can do” enthusiasm that is contagious throughout the company and with the customers.
  4. WINNING PERSONALITY – Chameleon like flexibility with a people orientation is a certain winning style. Sales Professionals call on people with all types of personalities. Those who can pace the prospect’s style will be able to establish the trust, rapport and communications necessary to sell.
  5. PRODUCT/SERVICE KNOWLEDGE – Extensive. Customers come to rely on them as consultants and problem solvers, rather than product pushers.
  6. TRAINING – Top performers are continually engaged in self-development. They read sales and marketing books, journals, and newsletters. They listen to cassette tapes while driving. They attend seminars and workshops. They spend time each day sharpening one skill at a time.
  7. ASSERTIVE – We used to think that we wanted aggressive salespeople. But now we know that aggression is based on anger. Anger serves the function of demolishing obstacles blocking goals. If the goal is a sale, and the prospect blocks the way with objections, then a win/lose scenario is set. Assertive people on the other hand, won’t be shut down at the first sign of disinterest, they believe in their mission, hold their ground (won’t give away the store), and seek a fair negotiated resolution that will make sure the customer and company both have their needs met.
  8. LISTENING COMPREHENSION – True Professionals possess the ability to concentrate on the prospect’s point of view with such intensity and respect that he/she can then paraphrase and communicate complete understanding (not necessarily agreement). This results in the prospect becoming psychologically obligated to do the same.
  9. PROFESSIONAL IMAGE – Successful sales people hold themselves and their chosen profession in high esteem. They are proud to be in a profession that makes the economy run, one that supports the jobs of everyone in the company, one that helps people get their needs met.
  10. AFFILIATIONS – Professionals belong to professional organizations. These organizations help maintain identity, image, motivation, ethics, and provide a host of other benefits unattainable elsewhere.
  11. FUNDAMENTAL NEED TO CLOSE – Top producers have an aversion to loose ends. They need to know where they stand and what must be done to move to the next step in accomplishing their goal. They have a need for control and for movement toward the goal with each rung in the ladder firmly in place. Even in casual conversation, they attempt to get closure on any points left up in the air. They will always find a way to take control of any follow-up.
  12. SELF-CONFIDENT – They know themselves well. They practice their skills over and over until they become totally ingrained and a natural part of their personality and interactional style.

Frank Cardia