Training for runners

For an athlete to perform to the best of his abilities, it is essential that a couple of areas are concentrated upon – firstly, a cent percent fitness level and secondly, training that taps and brings out the hidden potential of the athlete.

Many runners are often known to lose out in a race despite being at their healthiest best. So what might be the reason behind this? The most probable explanation to this phenomenon could be that these runners do not have the advantage of good and planned training that can turn the probability of winning into reality.

As a rule it is known in sporting circles that without acceleration, a sportsman stands the minimum chances of winning. In most sports, acceleration is regarded to be an aspect that one needs to fall back on, so that a peak performance can be achieved under any circumstances.

There are various training methods to achieve perfection in this aspect. Most runners make the mistake of treating the top speed as a problem area. While deciding upon suitable training methods, it is important to formulate a plan which will help the athlete attain top speed and quick acceleration before the competition does. Attaining top speed before the rest of the competitors is definitely an area that demands attention and any trainer should make sure that this aspect is the centre of focus while training.

It was always the case that greater acceleration demanded a greater number of foot- ground contacts. In fact, the more the number is, the more are the chances of winning for any athlete. But in a recent study it has been shown that perfection in acceleration is actually achieved by faster foot ground contacts and not really the number of times they occur.

Different trainers have different ways of handling this aspect though. While some are of the opinion that the back should be moved in a certain way allowing the runner to fulfill his acceleration requirements, some others advocate that the entire body should be used equally to achieve top speed.