Frank Cardia does his 3rd Ironman Triathlon

The morning started at about 5 am. You’re just sitting around waiting and waiting and waiting for what seems like hours. I finally got down to the race site at 6 am to get my last minute things together. Make sure all my bike and run stuff was all situated and that I had everything I would need for the day ahead of me. It’s all there so I head to the beach.

Its now about 6:55 am and 2,200 people are just standing on the beach in wet suits staring at each other and the ocean. It’s a pretty amazing sight to see this many people laser focused on the journey they are about to set out on. At exactly 7 am, the gun goes off and 2200 people jump into the ocean like maniacs. As big as the ocean is, there seems like there isn’t any room at all to move. People are kicking and pushing and an occasional shot to the face is not uncommon. The swim is 2.4 miles– and let me tell you, it ain’t easy. But 1 hr and 26 minutes later I successfully make it out of the ocean. On to the bike.

The bike ride is 112 miles and it is nearly 80 degrees down there. So I don’t have to tell you, but that is pretty hot. The bike took me 6 hrs and 17 minutes, which was 10 minutes faster then last year for me. And for just about the whole time your on that bike your leaning forward on the aero bars, basically resting your weight on your forearms. Completely stretching out your back and your stomach is almost always tight as it could possibly be. And if your wondering if is it uncomfortable, let me clear that up – Yes, it is!

Onto the run. Now running a marathon ( 26.2 miles ) by itself is a feat. But to have to do that after swimming in an ocean for nearly 1.5 hrs then biking for nearly 6.5 hrs. you’re talking 8 hrs of pushing yourself to the max and now a comes a run. That really sucks. I did the marathon part of the Ironman last year in 5 hrs and 32 minutes so I was very focused this year on crushing that time. Long story short, I did the marathon in 4 hrs and 54 minutes and my total time for the day was 12 hrs and 55 minutes, crushing last years time of 13 hrs and 48 minutes. And yes, I will be in pain for the next few days, but its worth it..

Its not about the actual race of Ironman. It’s about being the person you need to be in order to do something like this. It’s about being so committed towards a goal that nothing can stop you.

Well, I live to race another day